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Ex2 Datamax Printer

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Find the Right Ribbon for your Datamax Barcode Printer

Ex2 Features

The Datamax Ex2 is setting a new standard in the entry-level thermal printer market. Datamax has combined affordable printing, high quality performance, and the latest technology for all your printing demands.

With one button, one LED, and auto media loading the printer has been simplified for ease of use. The Ex2 offers powerful performance with a 32-bit multi-tasking processor with two megabytes of memory, serial, parallel, and USB communications interfaces standard. The Ex2’s center bias design eliminates any mechanical printer width adjustment for narrow media applications. The Ex2 has been engineered to achieve a true footprint by incorporating the communications interface and power connection under the printer. This allows for ease of use in locations with limited space.

The Ex2 printer packs the latest technology with affordable pricing in a small package. The Ex2 is perfect for all of your low to medium volume printing applications, from shipping and receiving, to retail, and healthcare. The Ex2 can accommodate up to a five-inch roll of media, which reduces frequency of label loading. Depending upon your requirements the Ex2 is available with such options as four megabyte memory and peel and present. With so much value and performance packaged in such a small printer, there is only one choice – Ex2. The Ex2 is simply the most economical thermal printer on the market today.




Flip-Up Printhead Printhead mechanism is hinged to flip open to provide access to media path

Easier to load media. Easier to clean.

Flash memory DPL and printer firmware can be upgraded or enhanced without the need for modifications to the printer or electronics.

Easier to remain current. Updates can be made to the printer without the need for replacing EPROMS.

DPL Utilizes the Datamax Printer Language.

Many existing applications support Datamax Printer Language.

USB, Serial, and parallel communications Industry standard USB, RS-232C serial, and Centronics parallel ports included for host communication.

Off-the-shelf communications cables can be used to provide printer/host connection.

Windows Printer Driver Windows applications have the ability to utilize the Ex2 printer as a Windows printer.

Users can choose virtually any Windows application software to use with the Ex2.

Media window Convenient case top window for easy media viewing.

Eliminate need to open printer to view media availability.

Auto-Loading Simplifies media loading with its unique motor driven auto-loading feature.

No more complex media routing procedures

True Footprint All power and interface cable connectors are concealed beneath the printer.

Allows the Ex2 to fit in spaces that printers of similar size will not

Center Bias Printing The printer is center justified. All printing begins from the center out.

Eliminates the need for mechanical adjust with varying media widths.

All popular linear and 2D bar code symbologies Industry standard linear and 2D bar code symbologies are included.

Commonly-used bar code symbologies are available and do not need to be added.

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